Nature Art Project

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Welcome to my Art page, a few things about it :)

When we first started this project, we watched a movie on Andy Goldsworthy and his nature art. His art focuses on nature and creating in the moment art. He uses things like leaves or stick, nothing man made, which makes it simple yet complex. Such as the picture to the left. In my art I really like circles and different colors combined. The two pieces I will be sharing with you, include a circle made from sticks, stones, leaves and such. My other piece Is a hollow log that i filled with rocks almost to the top, then filled it with differently colored flowers and some small mushrooms. Along the way I realized hat some materials I had originally wanted to use were unavailable, so i made do with the ones in front of me. With both of my projects they turned out just how i wanted them to with a few exceptions, here or there I would have liked a bigger leaf or a blue flower, but i made do with a smaller leaf and purple flower. In this art project I learned that nothing is permanent and that everything is beautiful in it's own way. next time i would like to try creating something in a tree, like a web or a big net. In these projects I  worked a lot with circles, I like the idea of never ending.